VAT refund

Vat refund

VAT is charged on the majority of business expenses incurred by companies who travel to do business outside of the country of residence. TAX Authorities have allowed foreign companies to recover the VAT paid on their business expenses in order to promote foreign trade and investment. We can manage procedures associated with the recovery process:

  • On-site Invoice audit retrieval services
  • Reissuing of incorrectly formatted or non-original invoices from the suppliers
  • Processing and submission of foreign VAT claims in over 40 countries
  • Communication with Tax Authority and preparation of additional documentation, application forms, and appeals

Your company is able to get international VAT refunds from overseas authorities on expenses incurred by employees on business trips.

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Trade shows and business-related events
  • Public transport
  • Taxi fares
  • Car rental
  • Fuel cost
  • Motorway tax
  • Training for employees
  • Business Conference

Your company is able to recover up to 27% of the VAT incurred on foreign suppliers’ invoices.

  • Tooling
  • Supply and installation costs
  • Conventions and symposiums
  • Intercompany costs
  • Data Collocation costs at data centers
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